All is Fortune
And Other Theatre Stories

The Book Guild

‘Jonathan Croall, a master of research, has written extensively and illuminatingly about acting and actors. In these stories he attempts something different, a sequence of shiny, shard-like vignettes – some ironic, some poetic, some straightforwardly realistic – which reflect the life of the theatre in all its many aspects, refracting and revealing its secret world in an ever-revolving glitter-ball. Haunting.’

Simon Callow, actor and writer

This collection of short stories captures the essence of life in the theatre where, beneath the superficial glamour, there lies a world of ambition, jealousy and heartache. The stories are full of insight, humour and imagination, bringing vividly to life a host of well-drawn characters.


Sent Away

Oxford University Press
Out of print

A children’s novel based on the real-life twentieth-century child-migrant scandal.

‘Jonathan Croall is a natural storyteller and has the gift of knowing his young audience….A fine piece of realistic writing from a skilful and sensitive writer.’ – Children’s Books in Ireland

‘Croall takes the universal childhood fear of being lost or abandoned….All the more gripping for being based on real life.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘The story develops into a real heart-tugger.’ – Books for Your Children

‘…wholly credible and engrossingly readable.’ – School Librarian