Other Titles

Other Titles


Sent Away

A children’s novel based on the real-life twentieth-century child-migrant scandal.

‘Jonathan Croall is a natural storyteller and has the gift of knowing his young audience….A fine piece of realistic writing from a skilful and sensitive writer.’ – Children’s Books in Ireland

‘Croall takes the universal childhood fear of being lost or abandoned….All the more gripping for being based on real life.’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘The story develops into a real heart-tugger.’ – Books for Your Children

‘…wholly credible and engrossingly readable.’ – School Librarian


Closely Observed Theatre: From the National to the Old Vic

Fantom Publishing     www.fantomfilms.co.uk

This new collection of theatre journalism offers an insider’s view of the rich variety of productions, projects and ideas developed at the UK’s two greatest theatres.

‘Croall sits in on rehearsals and talks to actors, writers and directors. His observations of the working processes of Howard Davies and Robert Altman are intriguing.’ – Robert Gore-Langton, Spectator

‘His account of the rehearsal of Twelfth Night is an example of a thousand words saying more about production relationships than half a dozen pictures ever could.’ – Guardian Unlimited

Three books for the Gulbenkian Foundation

Preserve or Destroy: Tourism and the Environment
A devastating account of the damage done to the environment by tourism.
‘A timely and fascinating book.’ – From the Foreword by Jonathon Porritt

Helping to Heal: The Arts and Health Care
Co-written with Peter Senior
A wide-ranging account of the impact of arts projects and programmes in hospitals and other health-care settings.

LETS Act Locally: The Growth of Local Exchange Trading Systems
A survey of many of the ground-breaking local-currency projects set up at the grassroots in the UK and Ireland.