The Coming of Godot: A Short History of a Masterpiece

Bloomsbury Publishing

‘I think it is really excellent. You have really caught the atmosphere of the work in a rehearsal room, and the way it is woven into the history of Godot is a remarkable achievement.’ – Letter from director Peter Hall

‘Jonathan Croall’s admirably succinct short history proves that unlikeliest of non-fiction genres – a page-turner….Enjoy it for its exemplary clarity, uncluttered prose, and numerous aperçus from the mouths of Godot’s many far-flung interpreters.’ – Carole Woddis, Rogues and Vagabonds

‘Croall’s diary of the making of the new staging provides a unique insight, particularly given Peter Hall’s history with the play.’ – Mark Shenton, Theatregoer


Gielgoodies! The Wit and Wisdom (& Gaffes) of John Gielgud

Bloomsbury Publishing

‘A marvellous book, full of wonderful things. So funny, and so outrageous.’ – Richard Briers

‘Such fun to dip into. A wonderful theatrical stocking-filler for Christmas.’ – Eileen Atkins

‘Truly delightful Gielgud stories. Laugh out loud and glorious!’ – Derek Jacobi

‘This excellent book really catches the essence of John Gielgud, who dropped enough bricks to build a wall.’ – Donald Sinden


Closely Observed Theatre: From the National to the Old Vic

Fantom Publishing
Out of print

This new collection of theatre journalism offers an insider’s view of the rich variety of productions, projects and ideas developed at the UK’s two greatest theatres.

‘Croall sits in on rehearsals and talks to actors, writers and directors. His observations of the working processes of Howard Davies and Robert Altman are intriguing.’ – Robert Gore-Langton, Spectator

‘His account of the rehearsal of Twelfth Night is an example of a thousand words saying more about production relationships than half a dozen pictures ever could.’ – Guardian Unlimited


In Search of Gielgud: A Biographer’s Tale

Herbert Adler
Out of print

‘An exciting rollercoaster ride through the world of theatre and publishing….This makes for a great read.’ – Philip Fisher, British Theatre Guide

‘A first-class book about writing a book.’ – Roger Lewis, Spectator Books of the Year

‘A fascinating and chastening account of the dark art of biography.’ – Nick Smurthwaite, Stage

‘Deceptively short and light, it is packed with insights, not only into Gielgud himself, but also into the theatre of the twentieth century…. Highly recommended.’ – Harriet Devine, Shiny New Books

The National Theatre at Work

Three books in this series, based on the author’s observing National Theatre productions from inside the rehearsal room and beyond.

Hamlet Observed
Simon Russell Beale’s celebrated Hamlet, in a production directed by John Caird, which toured to Elsinore.

Inside the Molly House
Mark Ravenhill’s controversial work about gay lives, directed by Nicholas Hytner.

Peter Hall’s ‘Bacchai’
The director’s production of Euripides’ classic tragedy, which toured to Epidaurus.