Other Titles

Other Titles

Three books for the Gulbenkian Foundation


Preserve or Destroy: Tourism and the Environment
A devastating account of the damage done to the environment by tourism.
‘A timely and fascinating book.’ – From the Foreword by Jonathon Porritt

Helping to Heal: The Arts and Health Care
Co-written with Peter Senior
A wide-ranging account of the impact of arts projects and programmes in hospitals and other health-care settings.

LETS Act Locally: The Growth of Local Exchange Trading Systems
A survey of many of the ground-breaking local-currency projects set up at the grassroots in the UK and Ireland.

Out of print books

The following books are now out of print, but available second-hand online:

Don’t Shoot the Goalkeeper, Oxford University Press, 1976.
The Parents’ Day School Book, Panther, 1978.
Dig for History: Active Learning across the Curriculum, Southgate, 1992.
Sent Away, Oxford University Press,1992
Sybil Thorndike: A Star of Life, 2008
Closely Observed Theatre, Fantom Publishing, 2014
Forgotten Stars, Fantom Publishing, 2013
In Search of Gielgud, Herbert Adler, 2014

All titles listed are available from bookshops, or from publishers’ or booksellers’ websites. If possible please avoid ordering through tax-dodging Amazon.